Machine Learning

Our state of the art Predictive Algorithms are among the best optimization methods available today, using Data-Mining and analysis of multiple sources, and inputs, we can better understand online behavior and make real time decisions.Through our technology running your campaigns will have the best performance possible without having a long optimization process.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) and decision making

Kyston is one of the first companies that, from day one, were built on the Real Time Bidding infrastructure. Our vast experience allows us to take Real Time Bidding to the next level, making the most of RTB technology and keeps us ahead of our competitors. RTB technology is our way to match a user with a personalized ad, at just the right moment, so that more of your advertising budget will result in higher conversion rates for the advertiser and better monetization for the publisher.

Cross platform

Through the Web, Mobile, Video or Search Engine – Kyston Optimization Technology can optimize user engagement across various platforms and devices. The ability to track the user and optimize the full path to conversion allows us to optimize the full value chain and maximize ROI for both Advertiser and Publishers.

How it Works