Kyston is a Mobile and Online Advertising Agency

Kyston was founded as a part of a large group of online marketing and retail companies.We grew up in the industry so we know what our clients want and need both advertisers and publishers, In a performance advertising environment, Kyston is working to get you the exposure you are looking for and as a result increases the number of potential paying customers arriving at your site. Kyston has access to thousands of high quality sites which deliver high quality visitors. But only when integrated with our unique proprietary technology will you reach the exact audience you need out of the many potential sources in our unique network. Kyston helps advertisers determine exactly who should be exposed to their ad, at what time, and using which channels. We offer targeting via demographic, geographic, part of day and behavioral characteristics, as well as retargeting. Advertising your message to a well targeted audience will maximize your marketing efforts, that way, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of every dollar you spend.

  • Display,mobile and video media company, specialized in managing accounts for large scale advertisers and agencies, sub-contractor for large agencies.
  • Private company founded in 2013.
  • Employ account managers, analysts, media buyers, optimization and R&D team.
  • Part of a large group of online companies
  • Founded to serve the companies in the group mainly in media buying
  • New and advanced programmatic technology:

Advantage of join Hands with Kyston

  • With billions of monthly impressions on both mobile and the web,Kyston enables Advertisers to intelligently reach their target audience.
  • Screening through multiple access points and a wide range of channels, we deliver superb results for our clients.
  • Using cutting edge technology, we allow our clients to connect with their target audiences with unmatched results.
  • Owned and operated traffic generation, exclusive and selective agreement with publishers.
  • Harnessing our optimization algorithms, our clients benefit from higher viewability and CTR.

"In the past 4 years the level of exposure our business has enjoyed has surpassed our expectations. Working with Kyston has always been a great pleasure. Kyston is accessible and always in tune with our changing needs. I would highly recommend Kyston and look forward to continuing to work with Kyston."

− Brent

"Kyston has been assisting me in promoting my business for 4 years. I believe that they are in large part responsible for the growth and success of my business. "

− Troy Garvin